What We’re Looking For

We are on the lookout for contributors to join us! Here’s some ideas.

– Profiles of favorite (or overlooked!) female superheroes from the comic book/movie/television worlds
-Original artwork (either new characters or old favorites done in a way that is erm…not in violation of copyright)
-Cosplay! We want to see your awesome costumes!
-Essays on female experience within geek culture
-Essays from male allies on pretty much any topic mentioned in this list
-Essays on fandom! Love Supernatural? Buffy? Battlestar Galactica? The Walking Dead? Delve into your favorite episodes and characters, season arcs and analysis. Do your thing.
-Discussions of the changing role of women in geekdom
-Reports from conventions, conferences, etc. (Think SDCC, DragonCon, gaming expos….)
-Showcase posts that give us a glimpse into various facets of geekdom. Think the whole world should play Carcassonne? Know someone with an Etsy store full of Dragon Age inspired amulets? Have a beef with a storyline in a comic book? Want to confess undying love for Chris Hardwick? (Okay, maybe that last is better suited to another venue…plus, he’s taken.)
-Reviews! Games, films, books, graphic novels, you name it!

If you’re not looking to contribute yourself but know people who might be, by all means do some head hunting and send them our way! The rest of them too…not just the head part.

Right now we can’t offer anything to contributors but a bit of exposure and our undying gratitude (and the joy of getting to hang out and talk geek with other geeks), but we’re hoping that will change in the future.

We are GLBTQ friendly and are looking for contributors of all races. We aim for inclusiveness and diversity. Help us reach it.

How to Submit:

Address all submissions to Emmie Mears.

Articles, Essays, Reviews, etc. (For proposed recurring posts, see below!)

Submit the full text of your piece in the body of an email to searchingforsuperwomen AT gmail DOT com. Make sure it’s edited for spelling, grammar, and anything that might earn slashes with the Red Pen of Doom.

If you have images:

-You (and by extension, we) MUST have the legal right to use them. They can be creative commons, but please include licensing information for any pictures or media you want to include with your post. For instance, if it’s under a CC attribution license, you must provide us with the proper attribution. If they’re your own photos, your sending them for use on the site allows us to post them and use them within our website and subdomains. We won’t remix or sell them.

-Here’s what to do if you have images: give them file names that include a number. Attach them to the email individually. At the bottom of your submission email, include a list of the images by number with their licensing info, applicable attribution, and whatever caption you want us to add. Within your post, you can simply add a bracket with the image number to tell us where it goes in your article! For instance…



If you’re writing a review, stills, screencaptures, and cover art usually fall under the fair use schtick. Include those just as you would include other images.

Stock photos that you have licensed may have restrictions. Check the terms of use.

No zip files. Any submission email containing zip files will be deleted immediately and will not get a response.

Pitches for Recurring Post Series

Please have ONE full piece completed and formatted as you would submit a one-off. (See above.)

Include a 1-2 paragraph pitch explaining how this will lend itself to a series and what the next couple posts will be.

Submit your pitch package in the body of an email to searchingforsuperwomen AT gmail DOT com. As mentioned above, attaching images is fine as long as they’re not in a zip file and indexed appropriately. Make sure your submission is edited for spelling, grammar, and anything that might earn slashes with the Red Pen of Doom.

Artists, Cosplayers, and Wares to Hawk

Draw awesome geek art? Have an Etsy store where you peddle swords and sundry? If you want your artwork or wares featured on the site, send a brief email to  searchingforsuperwomen AT gmail DOT com.

Original Art and Cosplay Pictures:

Tell us what makes you tick and why you want to contribute to the site. Attach 1-5 possible pieces. We might want to feature them all! No zip files, though. We’re germophobes and don’t like viruses.

Wares to Hawk:

Same deal! Tell us why we’re a good fit and why you think our readers would enjoy your swag! Include a link to your store in the email.

Got Something Completely Different?

If you have an idea to submit that isn’t mentioned here, shoot us an email at searchingforsuperwomen AT gmail DOT com. We’re open to hearing about anything. Whatever your pitching, be professional, be polite, and remember that grammar is your friend.

Response Times

You’ll hear from us within two weeks if we’re going to use your material. Keep in mind that we reserve the right to edit for grammar, spelling, etc. (though hopefully, you’ll have already done that), and we are the final say on what goes up on the site.

Other things to remember:

-Submit YOUR original content ONLY. We are open to you submitting material you’ve already posted on your own blog or website on a case-by-case basis. Make sure you tell us in your submission email if you have already published your submission elsewhere.

-We will be reading for style as well as content. We want engaging material that will excite our readers and inspire them to don their own capes!

-It should go without saying, but sexist, racist, homophobic words will not be permitted. We are the site owners and the editors reserve final judgment in these matters.


Got questions? Shoot us a tweet (@WeAreSuperWomen) or contact us with our magical form.


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