Emmie Mears

Emmie Mears, Blue Tree Photography, Colleen Barrett

Emmie Mears, Editor/Site Admin

Student of history. Gamer. Language nerd. Displaced Celt.

Emmie spends at least an hour a day preparing for or thinking about the zombie apocalypse.

Future calamity notwithstanding, Emmie hunts stories in dark alleys and in stone circles and spends most nights listening for something that goes bump. After growing up with a desperate hope that her DNA would bring her an awesome genetic mutation and the ability to teleport, she naturally began writing about SuperWomen and founded Searching for SuperWomen in May 2013.

Armed with a history degree and a fascination with languages, Emmie’s writing often incorporates historical elements into the realm of fantasy. She still loves the X-Men, but now she creates her own superheroes. Emmie lives outside D.C. with her husband, a husky puppy who talks too much, and a tabby who thinks she’s a tiger.

She is currently mucking up the lives of demon-hunters and mythology professors for her current projects. Emmie is represented by Jessica Negrón of Talcott Notch Literary Services.

Find Emmie here:

Emmie Mears TwitterEmmie Mears, blogEmmie Mears Facebook


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